Finally – Those Stitches are OUT

Our vet removed them earlier today, and I bet Meadow is thrilled not to have those itchy things sticking out of her skin anymore – and who can blame her?

Surgeries and stitches are no fun.

The good news is, since this was her third surgery, we all knew what to expect and things went pretty smooth with Meadow’s recuperation. She did not eat well the first night, but some ground venison changed that pretty fast. And although it was bad timing because it interfered with Toby’s exercise restriction being lifted, it was also a good time for me to take off from work. Every year I tell you all about my “busy season” which starts sometime in May and goes straight through the Fourth of July. After that, it slows up “somewhat” until right before Labor Day, when we have another burst of activity, and then once October hits things start to die down until the following spring…

This is because I do accounts receivable, payable, and general book-keeping for a company that repairs and installs gas pool heaters – a pretty popular luxury here on Long Island.

But this summer, thanks to this year’s stifling heat wave, business dropped dead on like July 5th and I was able go back to working part-time much earlier than usual. I mean, who the heck wants a heated pool when it’s a hundred degrees out? Thanks to this early drop off, I had more time to supervise Meadow, rather than just sticking her in a crate with a cone on her head. Also, since I work for a family-run business, I was able to adjust my schedule so that I worked in between the hours Nick works – which was really helpful, since his schedule varies depending on the day of the week.

So, thanks to my family and a little help from mother nature, I was able to be here for Meadow after her surgery, and she rarely had to wear her Comfy Cone – other than bedtime, during the occasional thunder storm, and while we ran a few short errands here and there.

When we did put it on her, she didn’t seem to mind too much. It has become just another part of her surgery routine:

And when she wasn’t wearing it, we supervised her pretty carefully, although we did have one mishap…

You know that sinking feeling you get when you realize you messed up? That’s how Nick and I both felt when we were eating dinner and both of us looked up at the same time and said, “Where’s Meadow?”

In the short time that she had stole off into the bedroom, probably no more than five minutes out of sight, she had managed to remove two stitches. Luckily they were from one of the spots that was nearly healed and it did not even warrant a vet visit.

Other than that, the eleven days were pretty uneventful. Unfortunately for Meadow, since the site on her stomach is still healing a bit, our vet said she will need to remain on exercise restriction for just a few more days, but even that doesn’t seem to bother her much. She definitely wants to play now that she’s feeling better, but she’s not over-the-top excited like Toby was during his “bed-rest,” and I think we’ll have no problem reigning her in a little while longer.

She’ll also need to wear the cone for a couple more days, because last time we took it off her too soon, and she licked her suture sites raw. But I do expect things to be back to normal here by the end of the week, and hopefully, this will be Meadow’s last surgery for a very very long time…..



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  1. jan says:

    I hadn’t heard the term comfy cone but i like it. Our vet has always called it an Elizabethan collar, which we like but seems a bit pretentious for dog wear. I definitely do not like cone of shame. Dogs don’t know what shame is, and will happily chew stitches out with no shame. Anyway glad for the good news.

    • Donna says:

      Yeah….cone of shame doesn’t sound nice, although I have used it from time to time. I much prefer “Woofer Head.” :-)

      Comfy Cone is actually the brand name of the one she is wearing, and it is made of soft material, so it is actually comfy. Well, I guess as comfy as wearing a giant cone around your head can be.

  2. Well I guess that’s one good thing about facing the same malady a few different times–you know what to expect.

    Glad recovery is going well. You guys deserve a break for a while. I hope you get one.

  3. Oh, that cone looks much more comfy than the big plastic ones. Abby had a big round flowered donut looking thing after her surgery. She looked like a giant flower. Hooray for only a few more cone days. Love the tail wags in the vid!

    • Donna says:

      Meadow hated the plastic one. Every time it brushed against something and made noise, she would just freeze in place. Even if she was standing with her head pointing at the ground. To say it was pathetic is an understatement!

      A friend lent us this one for her first surgery, and she liked it so much better, we bought one for her when she needed her second surgery. Obviously we are getting lots of use out of it.

  4. Some good news finally. But that stinker getting out those stitches.

  5. Kari says:

    Hooray for no more stitches!

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. emma says:

    Us dogs are pretty sneaky when we need to be. Glad she is okay and that taking the stitches out on her own did not cause issues. I am sure she will have her energy supplies fully stocked once the mandatory rest is over!

  7. Callie, Shadow and Ducky's Mom says:

    YAY MEADOW!! I know you’re a berry happy girl! Callie was, too, when she had her TPLO stitches out. So glad you’re getting a break from the insanity! I know you must be exhausted just trying to deal with it all. I think this calls for a celebration! Break out the wine and cheese for you & Nick, and the fruit-flavored water and cheese treats for the dogs!

  8. Thank goodness! Hoping you get a reprieve!

  9. So glad she is all healed up.

    • Donna says:

      Thanks! I still don’t like how her belly looks tonight, but the vet said to give it a few more days, so hopefully it’ll heal up nice like the other three sites did. :-)

  10. Jen K says:

    Happy to read that recovery is going well!
    I haven’t seen a Comfy Cone of Shame before… not sure it’s any less shameful ;) But it does look like it will hold up to collisions with the wall a lot better.
    It’s hard to keep them on bed-rest. We used a lot of raw bones and food-puzzle-toys with Moses to keep him feeling busy when he was on it.

    • Donna says:

      It seems pretty sturdy, but Meadow’s not a crash into the wall type of dog. She seems pretty aware of her surroundings, even with that thing on her head partially blocking her view. Now Toby on the other hand….well lets just say, I hope he never needs to wear one. :-)

      Sounds like you did a great job keeping Moses busy while he was on bed-rest!

  11. Jan K says:

    Glad to hear things are looking up for Meadow. I think you needed something to go right for a change! I do bookkeeping for a small family owned business too, and I know how great it is to have that flexibility, especially when you have sick animals. We are lucky in that way. I’ve always thought if we needed to do the cone thing again, a flexible one would be much better.

    • Donna says:

      Of course any business has its ups and downs, but you can’t beat the flexibility in a family business. The soft cone is definitely a bonus, but I hope you never need to use it! :-)

  12. Jodi says:

    Poor Meadow. I always feel so sad when I see a dog in a cone. I hope she has healed completely now. (I’m so far behind!)

    • Donna says:

      She is just about better Jodi. The three suture sites on her limbs are awesome, the one on her sternum is nearly there, it’s just taking a bit longer because of it’s location.

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