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Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

It is still possible to have an air conditioning system in place where there is no chance the traditional duct air conditioning work can be done, in the form of ductless air conditioners. You will be treated to various benefits, among them better energy savings.

Ductless air conditioners use the principle of split unit layouts, which is a relatively new thing. The condenser part of the system is located outside the house, with the air units mounted inside. This is an invention that has grown in popularity among many people. They all say just how wonderful its performance and energy savings properties are. They report that it has even more benefits they are enjoying.

The absence of duct means the get to enjoy cleaner and healthier air. Their old systems have the ducts in which bacteria, allergens, and diseases were breeding and spreading from, onto the entire house. Moisture can be expected to be present wherever there is an air conditioning duct system like that one. This is what would then settle in the ductwork and allow for the growth of this harmful pathogens. When air blows through the vents, they get spread all over the place. Ductless air conditioning will see to it you do not suffer this problem anymore.

Ductless air conditioning systems are the low humidity low-pressure variety that gives off healthier air climate in any place they get installed. They also minimize losses, since there is no chilled air lost, which would have been the case in the older system.

They are also easier to install, going up at any point of the house. The process will also take a shorter time, since there is no ductwork to be done. The absence of air exchange systems means that these air conditioners shall take up space at any corner of the house.

You have the option of placing it on the walls, or mounting on the wall. You only need to have some thin refrigerant lines running from outside to the inside unit, which take up little space and are not easily seen.

The traditional ducted air conditioners with their ducts posed a financial challenge when it came to repairs. In case any part of the ductwork got spoilt, it would be costly to get the system back to normal functioning. The repair work would involve not just replacing or repairing the duct. It needed the damage to first be located, then you would either have it repaired, or if it was too extensive, replaced. The replacement was for the entire system. It was also not immediately noticeable when damage had occurred. As this was happening, the system would still be running and not cooling the house. The repairs added on to of this was too costly.

The new technology has now eliminated most of those problems. It also gives off better quality air.

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