Urgent Message From Brookhaven Animal Shelter

8/7/12 – UPDATE – Mary has been adopted!

7/30/12- UPDATE – from Dori Scofield, director of Brookhaven Animal Shelter, via facebook:

“To all who helped Mary:
She is safe and has a definite foster and possible home. Thank you all for advocating for her and helping to get her out of the shelter! We are still overcrowded and our beautiful boys and girls need homes. Please come volunteer, visit and continue to save a life. You all sprung into action for Mary, let’s keep the momentum going. Thank you from the bottom of my heart♥”


I just learned of a heartbreaking situation that I thought was important enough to put up an extra post today. This dog – Mary – has until THIS Friday before she is put down. Please share her story any way you can. Thanks!

From Dori Scofield, director of Brookhaven Animal Shelter:

“To all who want to save a life,just one life:URGENT
I write this with tears in my eyes and defeat in my heart. Mary has been at The Brookhaven Animal Shelter since 2009. She is 4 years old, 3 of those years in the shelter. She is a fabulous dog that has been overlooked time and time again. She is on special food for skin allergies and she has to be an only dog. But what a great dog she is. All that being said, I am making a final plea for Mary. It is no longer fair to her to remain in a shelter. There are fates worse than death, and day in and day out, month after month, year after year in kennel is one of them. After all, Mary isn’t as cute as a puppy coming up from the South. The puppy from the south will live a life on Long Island that our local girl Mary never had a chance to. Over 200 animals at our shelter. No place left to put them. To say we are desperate for help for our dogs is an understatement. Anyone that would like adopt or come take Mary out for a walk….a final walk or a treat of any sort(we won’t have to keep her on the special diet for her final days) is welcome to come down. Let’s give her a loving send off, she deserves at least that. Call 631-286-4940″

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  1. Leslie says:

    Very sad. Tweeting now. :(

  2. Jodi says:

    I shared again on facebook Donna, and tweeted it as well. I do hope someone snags her. The problem is that most people who would pull her already have dogs and her write-up indicates she has to be an only dog. :-(

  3. Pamela says:

    Many of us talk about liking positive adoption messages. But the truth is that a sad death row story often works to get long-neglected dogs homes. I hope it’s the case for Mary.

  4. So she is a great dog, but they are choosing to put her down just because they can’t find her a home? I am sorry, but it makes no sense to me.

    • Donna says:

      It sounds like she has been there way too long, and they are out of room. The town shelter is very crowded, mostly pitties, and not much means of enrichment. From what I’ve heard, its a terrible way for a dog to live, especially for three years. The fact that this dog is not good with other animals makes her very difficult to find a home for, seeing that she’s competing with 199 other dogs, sadly. :-(

      • I did not care for the guy’s message I guess.

        • Donna says:

          I can understand that. I have mixed feelings about it myself and I only shared it in hopes someone would pull the dog. Now I’m having a hard time getting an update, because people are bickering back and forth about her statement on facebook, and no one is actually updating about Mary. But I do know that this woman has only been running the town shelter for a few years, and it sounds like she may have just gotten overwhelmed. I certainly couldn’t do that job. :-(

  5. [...] all who helped Mary: She is safe and has a definite foster and possible home. Thank you all for advocating for her and [...]

  6. EUGENE says:


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