We Had House-Guests

The Grandpeoples watched Leah when me and Meadow went away with our peoples over the Holiday, and this past weekend we returned the favor by watching their dogs, Luke and Kayla. Of course, due to The One Called Donna’s “paranoia” (which is even worse than my Zombie-phobia) I wasn’t allowed to tell you about their visit until after they left. But now that they’ve gone home, I wanted to share some photos that my peoples took during their stay…

Luke (left) and Kayla (right) made themselves at home on their beds, which are much BIGGER than mine.

My peoples re-arranged the furniture to create spacious accommodations for their stay.

The x-pen worked perfectly to split the room in two, so each pack had their own "space."

This bench was right-side up until Meadow considered using it as a springboard into the Shepherds' den.

Our kitchen gate served double duty for extra safety when the peoples needed to use the potty - or sleep.

This handy rag was used for wiping up five sets of muddy paw prints.

"Hey peoples - put down the camera and come hang out in here with US!"

The peoples not only obliged, but they gave out belly rubs too!

Luke settled in with his stuffed "baby."

"Can I come in? You know I can jump this, right?"

"Just so you know - if Meadow jumps in there, I'm knocking this gate over and coming in too!"

It's not like we didn't have another room to hang out in - complete with two dog beds, two crates, and a dog mat.

"Why would I lay THERE - when my peoples are in the other room?" (Notice the air cleaner is right next to Leah's bed?)

Not me, I don't mind hanging in the bedroom by myself. Ahhh....peace and quiet.

Eventually The One Named Nick took us outside to play, while The One Called Donna terrorized the Shepherds, I mean, took photos of them.

When it was time to take Luke and Kayla out to play, my peoples remembered to stash our FAVORITE toys, just in case.

Kayla is playing with a toy she brought from home, but Luke preferred playing with MY giant red ball.

But that's okay, I can share - as long as he doesn't touch my Wubba Kong.

I’m glad I was inside – check out how rough these two Shepherds play:

If the video doesn’t play CLICK HERE.

"This is great - we could never stretch our legs like THIS if we stayed at a kennel!"

Kayla crashed out after her romp in the yard.

"Enough with the camera, can't you see I'm trying to sleep?"

Leah doing her best "hard done to" stare.

Meadow imitating Leah's expression.

I tried to look pathetic too, but I really don't mind being by myself.

Finally the girls rallied together to shoot the peoples their very best "double dog guilt trip."

I decided to leave the begging to the girls and get cozy in the hallway.

I knew I had no worries, because soon it was time to say goodbye to Luke the Smiling Shepherd...

...and Kayla - who might pick on me and Luke - but has an equally stunning smile.

Before I end this post, I wanted to share two little secrets about this weekend. The first was that my peoples used having five dogs around as an excuse not to clean the house over the weekend like they normally do. (Personally, I like messes, but doesn’t having MORE dogs usually mean that you peoples clean MORE often?)

The One Named Donna said she would clean it after our guests left – but I’ve yet to hear the vacuum.

The other secret I learned is that Luke is an even bigger WUSS than me. Ever see a mini-peoples sucking their thumbs? Well check out what Luke does when he needs some comforting:


If the video doesn’t play CLICK HERE.


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  1. I am soooooooooooo NOT laughing at Luke! I think he is just adorable!! I love how he is holding that froggy and has it comforting him. Adorable!

    Looks like Kayla and Luke had a fantastic time at your house..you are right, they are so lucky that they didn’t have to go to a kennel

    • Toby says:

      My peoples love the Shepherds and don’t mind looking after them. They would probably even have adopted a Shepherd if it wasn’t for the way they shed. Instead they have Leah, a Shepherd mix with shorter hair. And guess what? She sheds enough for TWO Shepherds!

  2. Emma says:

    Looks like fun! Nothing better than having friends over – our pal Buddy is coming this weekend but he is just small. I think my cat is bigger than he is!

  3. Jodi says:

    Awe Toby, I think it’s cute that Luke has a baby, I’m sure it brings him comfort when he is away from his pack.

    Do you guys not get along? It seems to me those humans go to a lot of trouble to keep you guys apart, too many gates and obstacles for me, where’s your fun?

    • Toby says:

      We get along mostly, but there are little tiffs like Leah snapped at Luke over food while she was visiting them last weekend, and Meadow and Kayla shoot each other dirty looks – a lot, and Kayla likes to bite my head (just like Leah does), and Luke sometimes humps me, so my peoples thought it safest to keep everyone separated. Especially cause The One Called Donna was alone with all five dogs for most of the time they were here. Not enough peoples around in case anyone did get into it.

      When the grandpeoples are around AND my peoples are around, and each can supervise their own dogs, then we are not separated.

  4. Hey Buddy,

    Not sure Luke is gonna be happy with you for showing that video – Tee Hee :)

    5 sets of muddy paw prints – oh boy, it sure was busy at your place!!

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    • Toby says:

      Yeah – and shepherd feet seem to hold mud until they get indoors – even when you wipe them first the mud doesn’t fall out until they hit the tile floor. Leah has this same problem. :-)

  5. Kristine says:

    It was nice of you to open up your home to Luke and Kayla, Toby. You are very generous. It looks like you showed them a pretty good time, too.

    You can also reassure your people that they are not alone in slacking on house-cleaning duties. We just had a few human guests stay with us for 10 days and after all the cleaning I did in preparation, I refuse to touch a broom for at least another week!

    • Toby says:

      My peoples mostly did the fun stuff – I just stayed out of the way. LOL! Oh, so I see – guests mean don’t clean until WELL after they leave. Hmmmm….maybe peoples that hate to clean should have guests more often!

  6. We’ve never had guest doggies, but if we did, they would have to follow my orders and worship me.

  7. Thunder does the exact same thing as Luke. Well not these days since we don’t have soft toys anymore. Those doggies sure got wild with the ball!

  8. [...] don’t understand.¬†Every once in a while (like when I sneak away on vacation or when we have shepherds staying for the weekend or when I spend my time hiding from Zombies) I fall behind on reading every one else’s posts [...]

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