While I’m Waiting

I’m waiting for several things right now, first and foremost of which is some news on Meadow’s biopsy. She had a lump removed this past Thursday, which was suspected of being a mast cell tumor, and I’m anxiously awaiting the lab results.

The second thing I’m waiting on might take a while. On Thursday the 12th, I attended my very first pitch session to try and find an agent for my new novel, and I did get some requests, but whether they will like my work, (and not just my pitch), remains to be seen. Either way, my manuscript is “out there” and I’m waiting to hear back from these wonderful agents, something that I understand may take weeks to months.

I’m also waiting for some inspiration. Now that the above mentioned novel – the thing that occupied most of my free time for the past year and a half – is finally finished, it’s time for me to move on. But the question is – “To what?” I started a short story, didn’t really love it, and stopped half way through. One of the agents I pitched suggested that my novel had series potential, and at first I said, “No way.” But after mulling it over, I think she might be right. I started outlining book two, but I don’t think I should spend any time working on it – unless I actually sell book one. I also have a vague idea for a completely different novel that’s been on my mind, but the plot is only partially formed, and not ready to put down on paper. And finally, I had planned to rewrite my memoir about my experiences with Toby, but I realized it needs a lot of revision, (my writing style has changed drastically from when I first wrote it), and I’m not sure I’m up for the task.

Lastly, I’m STILL waiting for Simon to find a home. Have you heard about Simon? No? Check out THIS POST and THIS POST - and while you’re there, please give him a share.

While I’m waiting on all of the above, I figured I’d take the time to acknowledge a recent award that I received from a “new to me – but no less appealing” blog called Dogs N Pawz. Upon checking out Lisa’s blog, I learned that she is also a retriever lover and shares her life with two Labs, Shiloh and Scout, along with Ash the Chessie, and a Lab-Dane mix named Teddy – and I look forward to going back to explore her site some more.

As for the reward Lisa gave me, it’s called the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, and these are the rules taken straight from Lisa’s post:

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1)  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.  This one’s a no brainer, (unless you are really rude), but thank you Lisa from Dogs N Pawz – it’s nice to meet you and your retrievers!

2)  Share 7 things about yourself. If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you probably know most of the information I’m about to share, but it is a good way to introduce newer readers to me and the dogs, (which is really the purpose of all these great blogger awards – isn’t it?), so here goes:

  • I worry. About everything.
  • All of my dogs, past and present, are rescues, and I always try to encourage others to consider adopting their four legged friends.
  • I prefer to use positive reinforcement only to train my dogs, mostly due to a horrific experience with my first dog, Harley.
  • My current dogs have had very bad luck in the health department, especially since last fall, and it seems that someone around here is always sick.
  • Despite that, I have been considering adopting a fourth dog, and have occasionally been looking online for that dog, which Pamela from Something Wagging This Way Comes hilariously coined as searching through “Puppy Porn.”
  • If I do decide to adopt a fourth, I am going to be very choosy this time around because I hope to find a dog suitable for therapy work and will be searching for very specific qualities in my next companion.
  • Another thing I would like to do at some point in the future is to foster dogs, but right now we have a full house, (and a very small house at that), and I don’t think having strange dogs constantly coming in and out would be the ideal situation for our household.

3) Nominate five bloggers to receive the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! I had a really tough time with this, as there are so many wonderful blogs that I visit regularly, including Pamela’s blog which I mentioned above, (good way to sneak in a sixth blog, eh?), and I found it very difficult to narrow it down to only five. But I’ve somehow done it, and I’ve decided to pass this award on to these wonderful bloggers (listed in alphabetical order by the author’s first name):

Jen from Back Alley Soapbox

Jodi from Jodistone

Kristine from Rescued Insanity

Lauren from Life with Desmond

Leslie from Bringing up Bella

I chose these bloggers for a variety of reasons, but they are each either talented writers, great entertainers, dedicated to their causes, or in some cases, a bit of everything. And most importantly, they are all devoted to their dogs. If you haven’t already been to their sites, I urge you to go check all of them out.

Go on now. What are you waiting for?

16 Responses so far.

  1. Dogs N Pawz says:

    I hope you get good news back about Meadow! We are thinking about you and Meadow and keeping fingers and paws crossed that all goes well.

    That is so cool about your novel and we enjoyed reading about you! It is always fun to learn new things about people and their dogs!

    Once again, good luck with Meadow, your novel and Simon! We hope Meadow gets a clean bill of health, your novel is published and Simon finds a forever home!

  2. wonderful post and congratulations on your award!
    Crossing our paws that all turns out well on the biopsy…the other things you are waiting for are all “GOOD” things!!
    Remember “Good things come to those who wait”

    What am I waiting for? Right now? DINNER…..

    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • Donna says:

      Thanks Dakota! Besides Meadow, I’m kind of bummed that Simon hasn’t found his forever family yet. Two years is a long time to be in foster care. But hopefully, it’s just because his forever family hasn’t found him yet.

  3. Pamela says:

    So we’ve gotten a little glimpse into the mind of Donna. And it’s an awfully busy place. Even if you only think you’re waiting. :) Hope you get good news on all fronts soon.

    Congratulations on your award well-deserved award. And you picked up five of my favorites to pass it along to.

    BTW, how could I not call it Puppy Porn? It’s a guilty pleasure that stirs up unrealistic desires. :)

  4. I have little to no patience for waiting…lol. Congrats on your award!

  5. Kristine says:

    Thank you so much for the award! That was very sweet of you. I’ve long admired your writing and the thoughtful way you have shared your experiences. I will never forget the article you wrote about positive training and have shared it with many people since.

    I have my fingers crossed both for Meadow’s results and for your book! That is such a brave thing to do, put your hard work out into the world. What an accomplishment already!

    • Donna says:

      Thanks so much Kristine, and you are very welcome for the award. There are some blogs that I try to read every post. Yours is definitely one of them. I love reading about your experiences with Shiva. :-)

  6. Jen K says:

    Hi Donna!

    Congratulations on the award – very well deserved!

    And thank you very much for passing it on to me. I am in very good company in your list of bloggers.

  7. lauren says:

    Thank you so very much, Donna!

    And congrats to you!

  8. Leslie says:

    Congratulations on your award! I can’t tell you how well-deserved I think it is. :)

    Loved the tidbits. And I would have never guessed you worry about everything. ;) I’m sure with everything you’re waiting on, your worry-factor must be off the charts. Hang in there. We’re all rooting for you, your book and your dogs.

    Thanks very much for the award. I like the “Sisterhood” aspect of it. I’m constantly amazed at the relationships that form here in the cyberverse but especially in the animal community. It seems the bond we share with our animals extends beyond ourselves to those who understand it…

    • Donna says:

      You’re very welcome. The six blogs I mentioned, including yours, are the ones I try to visit even when I’m short on time. I always find something of interest at each of them.

      As far as the “sisterhood” – I’ve found so many new friends through blogging and mostly through dog ownership in general. It’s amazing to see how much everyone supports each other (and all of our four-leggers) here in blogland. :-)

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